Izzy has been successfully spreading the word about term limits on Congress… bringing awareness to current legislation in the states that needs to be passed for an amendment to the Constitution.

Izzy started his trip in December 2020 from Key West, Florida on his way to Cape Flattery, Washington. His mission is to bring national awareness for term limits on Congress. And Izzy’s on fire! To date, he has earned more than 46 television, radio, and newspaper stories in Alabama and Tennessee alone! He was even honored by the legislators in the Tennessee capitol for his devotion to the cause.

With thousands of miles before him, he has dedicated a year of his life to spread the word about the need for congressional term limits. He would love nothing more than to continue his media onslaught, but Izzy needs your help. He’s been sleeping outdoors and has lost a lot of weight. He could use a donation for a meal and some water. Anything will help… $5 for snacks. $10 for a meal for the day. or $35 will get him a night at a campsite so he can take a shower.

Please click the button to go to his paypal donation page. Izzy really is a champion in the battle for term limits. If you want to see term limits on Congress, please donate today.